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As experts in our field, we know how to bring narratives to life and capture the spotlight, driving meaningful outcomes for 

The Second Branch

the first global Community for Freelancers in the Media Industry

The platform provides timely and professional media services.

Media Institutions and Companies can submit proposals for projects and select the freelancers through MediaSqre Platform.

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    Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Seo Optimization, Advertisment and Paid Advertising

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    Identifying market trends and opportunities

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    Refining messaging to attract media attention

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    We identify the journalists and influencers important to your audiences

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    Pairing strong writing with exquisite design is key in the rapidly moving content-heavy world we live in today.

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    We showcase your branded content through custom imagery, video and strategic content planning.

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    We can manage your event from A – Z, from securing press attendance and developing press materials, to overseeing the logistics of event management.

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