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Our Goal is to Connect and Empower

Media professionals around the world have struggled enormously around the time of the pandemic due to the closure of a number of media outlets and their inability to pay salaries and accommodate their employee’s needs. ​​

MEDIASQRE, the world’s leading media community, aims to bridge the gap and connect media workers around the world to cultivate a network of support for media professionals. The platform is open for independent and freelance workers, media companies, or anyone looking for affordable, professional and quick media services such as copywriting, photography, broadcast, reporter, graphic design, animation, social media advertising as well as website development and design.

Media institutions and companies, including channels, newspapers, radio, advertising and public relations companies, can present offers for future projects and select media workers of their choice to implement these projects.


About MediaSqre

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By registering at "MEDIASQRE", you are entering a new era of media services and work, allowing you to receive additional income and excel in your career as you progress on the platform and provide consistent professional work. You can also register as an institution or media company and search for media workers that can provide a media service from a large database that includes a wide range of skills and services, providing you with the flexibility and opportunity to negotiate the full offer and pricing.