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Advertising and Promotion Opportunities. Exchanges very often promote newly listed ICOs through a variety of marketing channels, social media, including newsletters, and featured listings. These marketing efforts create extra visibility of the task, reaching a bigger audience and also improving its likelihood of attracting attention from prospective investors. We don’t wish to have any unique set of criteria, because that could be against the entire aim of what we’re performing.

We wish to let ICOs be judged on the merits of theirs, and then we don’t like to affect that process. What happens when I get a top score? ratings which are High indicate that numerous other end users think the project is legitimate. They are going to find it easier to invest in your token, and your listing will be visible on the search results page. We therefore propose that you put up more articles about the task, for example blog articles, or maybe a whitepaper.

You can find more info about the consequences of your rating in our FAWhat happens if I get a rating smaller than my personal? We get it, and yes it may be really difficult to choose the perfect sense of balance between being fair to every ICO and preserving our independence. That’s not what we’re at this point for. We are right here to let ICOs realize their potential market and also build a community around them.

And also that’s why we are asking our community to assist us with this specific. Example: ICO Name = GigaiChain. ICO Token Name = GigaCoin. Furthermore, avoid using generic names like coin, token, project, etc. ICO Purpose. The goal of the ICO should be quite perfect and easily comprehended. It must make good sense to people that aren’t familiar with cryptocurrencies. But in case you would like to have precise, you can set up a few words describing what the job is about.

A common ICO description would be something like this: Below are our key points: ICO Title/Name. Use the title of the organization behind the ICO, NOT the specific project. As a rule of thumb, don’t use ICO in the title. If it’s an ICO, simply go on and say and so. Strengthening Investor Confidence. Listing an ICO on a respected exchange fortifies investor trust in the venture. Exchanges usually conduct due diligence on the tasks they list, assuring some measure of trustworthiness and reducing the chance of unreliable or fraudulent projects.

This due diligence process enhances investor trust and also encourages more significant investments. The wedge has to be transparent. It is always vital that you pick out a transparent platform that is very easy to understand. You need to take aid of a pro who will help you with the most beneficial platform that is transparent. When you do not wish being captured in the middle of a scam, then you definitely should select a transparent platform.

In the beginning, we’ll be doing something much like the ICO rating systems which often already exist. We’ll be reviewing projects as well as making certain that they comply with certain regulations, however, our final objective is to become the preferred project within the marketplace. to be able to obtain the objective, we are going to need a considerable amount of capital. The ICO rating system is going to have to provide information which is complete, and it’ll want to be transparent.

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